Euro Trade

Euro Trade Exchange Rate:

In international trading it is important to be aware of current exchange rates of Euro.

The European Central Bank and countries of EuroZone have adopted the Euro as a single currency.
It is the second-most traded currency on the forex market. Many companies and individuals trade the EUR for their international import export activities, for personal purchasing or for currency speculations.

EUR Facts:

ISO 4217 Code: EUR

Minor Unit:
1/100 = Cent

Symbol: Cent: cent

Nickname: Ege (Finnish), Eumeln (German), Leru (Spanish), Neuro (Italian), Quid (Irish English), and Teuro (German).

Freq Used: 5cent, 10cent, 20cent, 50cent, 1, 2
Rarely Used: 1cent, 2cent

Freq Used: 5, 10, 20, 50, 100
Rarely Used: 200, 500

Euro bank notes and coins began circulating since January 2002. From that time all transactions in Euro Zone countries are valued in Euro.

Official Fixed Euro Rates for Participating Countries Conversion from EUR Obsolete: ATS Austria, Schilling 1 EUR = 13.7603 ATS 28-Feb-2002, BEF Belgium, Franc 1 EUR = 40.3399 BEF 28-Feb-2002, CYP Cyprus, Pound 1 EUR = 0.585274 CYP 31-Jan-2008, DEM Germany, Deutsche Mark 1 EUR = 1.95583 DEM 28-Feb-2002, EEK Estonia, Kroon 1 EUR = 15.6466 EEK 15-Jan-2011, ESP Spain, Peseta 1 EUR = 166.386 ESP 28-Feb-2002, FIM Finland, Markka 1 EUR = 5.94573 FIM 28-Feb-2002, FRF France, Franc 1 EUR = 6.55957 FRF 17-Feb-2002, GRD Greece, Drachma 1 EUR = 340.750 GRD 28-Feb-2002, IEP Ireland, Pound 1 EUR = 0.787564 IEP 9-Feb-2002, ITL Italy, Lira 1 EUR = 1936.27 ITL 28-Feb-2002, LUF Luxembourg, Franc 1 EUR = 40.3399 LUF 28-Feb-2002, MTL Malta, Lira 1 EUR = 0.429300 MTL 31-Jan-2008, NLG Netherlands, Guilder (Florin) 1 EUR = 2.20371 NLG 28-Jan-2002, PTE Portugal, Escudo 1 EUR = 200.482 PTE 28-Feb-2002, SIT Slovenia, Tolar 1 EUR = 239.640 SIT 14-Jan-2007, SKK Slovakia, Koruna 1 EUR = 30.1260 SKK 17-Jan-2009, VAL Vatican City, Lira 1 EUR = 1936.27, VAL 28-Feb-2002.


Trade Euro currency and foreign exchange calculations using live, mid-market rates.

Use currency charts to see a currency's rate history or read breaking forex news about the foreign exchange market.


Whether Euros or Indian Rupees, you can make electronic payments and international bankers drafts all over the world.
From the US Dollar and the Euro to Canadian Dollars or Mexican Pesos, you can buy and sell over 100 different currencies on a daily basis.
You can trade Euro for many other currency:
. American Dollar . Argentine Peso
. Australian Dollar . Bahraini Dinar
. Botswana Pula . Brazilian Real
. British Pound . Brunei dollar
. Bulgarian Lev . Canadian Dollar
. Chilean Peso . Chinese Yuan
. Colombian Peso . Croatian Kuna
. Czech Koruna . Danish Krone
. Venezuelan Bolivar
. Hong Kong Dollar
. Hungarian Forint
. Iceland Krona
. Indian Rupee
. Indonesian Rupiah
. Iranian Rial
. Israeli New Shekel
. Japanese Yen
. Kazakhstani Tenge
. Kuwaiti Dinar
. Latvian Lat
. Libyan Dinar
. Lithuanian Litas
. Malaysian Ringgit
. Mauritius Rupee
. Mexican Peso
. Nepalese Rupee
. New Zealand Dollar
. Norwegian Kroner
. Omani Rial
. Pakistan Rupee
. Philippine Peso
. Polish Zloty
. Qatari Rial
. Romanian Leu
. Russian Ruble
. Saudi Riyal
. Singapore Dollar
. South African Rand
. South Korean Won
. Sri Lanka Rupee
. Swedish Krona
. Swiss Franc
. Taiwan Dollar
. Thai Baht
. Trinidad/Tobago Dollar
. Turkish Lira
. Utd. Arab Emir. Dirham


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