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At present, only 10 percent of all products which must comply with European regulations require testing by a European Notified Body. In these instances, Eurotrade can provide complete assistance with the clients preparation to have its product certified by such a body, and can handle the testing if conducted in Europe. Ninety percent of all products, however, can be self-certified by the manufacturer and exporter.

Consultants Europe provides a full range of technical and legal services to assist our clients with this self-certification process. Its world-wide services are always tailored to the clients needs and are engaged on a flexible basis. Initial evaluation of a clients product is offered free of charge.

Consultants Europe provides technical judgement, founded on sound analyses and personal expertise, can also suggest technical modifications to a clients product in order to meet the requirements.

  • Identification of applicable EU Directives necessary requirements for product acceptance applicable European and international standards.
  • Documentation on harmonized European Standards Single European Market legislation.
  • Product compliance testing.
  • Second-opinion of tests conducted by the client or third party.
  • On-site consultations, audits and testing for compliance.
  • Risk assessment and development of strategies for risk management and control.
  • Compilation of safety requirements.
  • Alternative solutions in cases where products do not fully comply with.
  • EU health and safety requirements.
  • Verification, drafting and translation of CE user manuals.
  • Verification and drafting of CE Technical Construction Files.
  • Drafting of CE Declaration of Conformity.
  • CE Product liability assessment and strategies.
  • Technical and legal oversight of complete self-certification process.
  • new: Custom made CE mark labels.

Custom-made CE mark labels

CE mark labels must be affixed to all products that are certified according to European product legislation. The labels meet the requirements as stipulated in the European directives.

For more Information on ordering your custom made CE mark label, please reply through our Information desk or send a fax to Eurotrade for CONSULTANTS EUROPE.

Each service is carried out by Eurotrade technical specialists and verified by our legal department. Eurotrade will be the clients continuing reference for distributors, agents, customers, insurance companies, surveillance authorities, etc. in Europe. If a client faces a liability claim, it can rely on our on-going world-wide technical and legal support.